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4 Tips to Slow the Progress of Nerve Damage

People tend to categorize progress as a good thing. Think about the progress of technology. As it moves forward, life and work get a little easier. The same is true for social movements. Human rights movements over the last several decades have progressively improved peoples’ lives and worked to eliminate oppression. Unfortunately, positive things aren’t the only things that can progress. Negative issues like nerve conditions can move forward as well—unless you actively work to prevent them doing so.

Nerve damage is rarely reversible. Once the damage has impaired the nerve cells, you can’t get that feeling back. That’s why preventing nerve-related problems from getting worse is critical. Ignoring nerve pain simply allows the condition to progress, potentially creating permanent problems. You have to stop the issue before it gets worse. Here are a few ways to protect your feet and manage nerve pain:

  • Exercise Regularly – Exercise improves your blood flow, bringing much-needed oxygen and nutrients to your feet to help with any tissue repair.

  • Improve Your Diet – The food you eat can impact nerve conditions. Make sure you’re getting enough vitamins and minimizing food that impairs blood flow or contributes to diseases like diabetes.

  • Lose Weight – Excess weight on your lower limbs puts pressure on your nerves, which can exacerbate your condition. Losing weight can help alleviate that pressure.

  • Wear Good Shoes – Your footwear can cushion and protect your feet, or squeeze and pinch them. Wear shoes that aren’t increasing your risk for nerve damage.

For systemic diseases like diabetes, you might need medication as well to help control the progress of the nerve damage. Just remember not to take the feeling in your feet for granted. As soon as you know you have nerve-related problems in your lower limbs, begin treatment and work to prevent the condition from worsening. Don’t wait and risk permanent damage.

If you’re concerned about the nerves in your feet, let us know at Absolute Foot Care Specialists. Our team in Las Vegas will help you find the best methods to manage your nerve pain and keep your feet healthy. Make you appointment with us online today. You can also call us directly at (702) 839-2010.

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