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5 First Aid Tips for Your Child’s Broken Toe

Without the overwhelming, uncomfortable temperatures of the summer, winter is a great time to take kids to parks. Las Vegas has dozens of child-friendly parks with playgrounds, sports fields, and family facilities, like the Vistas Community Park or the Lorenzi Park. Just like any other time of year, though, you have to be ready to handle injuries. Accidents happen suddenly and, before you realize what happened, your child can have a broken toe.

Children’s bumps and bruises are a part of life every parent has to deal with. Kids can trip, fall, run into things, scrape their knees, twist their ankles, and much worse. A broken toe is painful and can make it difficult for a child to walk normally. Fortunately, you can help your child take care of a toe at home to minimize the pain and help it heal.

Here are a few first aid tips before seeing a doctor if you’re concerned your child’s toe might be broken:

Elevate the foot – Have your child stop playing or running and keep the foot propped up on a footstool or pillows. This helps discourage swelling and prevents further accidents to that foot.

Ice it – Wrap ice packs in a towel and hold them against the toe. This alleviates some pain and reduces swelling.

Buddy tape it – Healthy toes can act like splints while the broken toe heals. Put gauze between the broken digit and the whole one, then gently tape them together.

Wear stiff soled shoes – The stiff sole also works like a splint, preventing the foot’s normal motion from aggravating the injury. It can also help keep weight off the toe.

Reduce activities while healing – This may be difficult for active kids, but your child needs to take a break from all hard impact and high energy activities, as they could aggravate the toe.

If your child’s toe is obviously bent out of place, or persistently very painful for him or her, simple first aid won’t be enough. Seek professional help right away—don’t wait. Any displaced toes will have to be put back in place, and painful ones may need more immobilization and pain control than just buddy taping and ice. Contact Absolute Foot Care Specialists in Las Vegas to help. We’ll get your child’s toe and discomfort straightened out so it can heal correctly. Call (702) 839-2010 or use the website to reach us.

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