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Athletic Foot Care Blog

Have you been unsuccessfully trying to treat a painful foot condition at home? Our podiatrists have compiled top tips on heel pain, bunions, fungal nails, hammertoes, and other conditions to allow patients to break the cycle of ineffective treatment.

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  • Recovering from a Foot or Ankle Injury Whether you’re a pro or a weekender, Absolute Foot Care Specialists will do everything they can to get you back in the game quickly after injury.
  • Foot Pain and Cycling Dr. Noah Levine is a Las Vegas foot doctor who helps cyclists prevent and treat foot and leg pain from riding.
  • Alternate Activities while Injured Foot pain can mean sitting on the sidelines, but it’s not the end of activities! Dr. Noah Levine in Las Vegas offers alternate, foot-safe activities.
  • Running Shoe Advice Choosing the best running shoes is a challenge, so Dr. Noah Levine explains the major different styles and how they impact your feet.
  • 4 Tips for Trail Running If you want to change up your run, jump from asphalt to trails. Dr. Noah Levine offers tips to handle running on uneven surfaces safely.
  • Are Your Running Shoes Ready? Don't let foot pain keep you out of the run. Dr. Noah Levine can identify your source of pain and prescribe the best possible treatment for you!
  • Flip Flops and Foot Damage Absolute Foot Care Specialists explain the risks associated with flip flops. If you are suffering from foot pain we can diagnose it and provide treatment!
  • Crosskix Dr. Noah Levine talks about the new running shoes made by Crocs, called Crosskix's. If foot pain is keeping you from doing the things you love, call today!
  • Defy Foot Pain by Defying Gravity Defy gravity and walk on air with the Alter G anti-gravity treadmill! This treadmill is being used for physical therapy to recover from foot pain.
  • Do Football Cleats Cause Injuries? Football cleats have little to no arch support. If you play football and are looking for new, safe cleats, you need to know what type of support your feet need.