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Bumpy Transportation: Alleviating Cyst Pain

Nevada is no stranger to potholes and road cracks. Hot summers damage pavement over time, allowing the asphalt to crack and break into pieces, eventually developing bumps and holes. It’s hard to drive on what should be a flat surface and deal with abnormal bumps on the way. The same can be true for abnormal bumps in the lower limbs, like ganglion cysts on the feet. These bumps can make wearing shoes and some activities uncomfortable—but with some simple care, you can alleviate that pain.

Cysts on the feet and front of the ankle are usually ganglion cysts. They usually only cause pain when they’re pressing against a nerve or tendon, or they’re blocking a joint, though pressure from your shoes can be uncomfortable as well. The fact that many ganglion cysts on feet aren’t painful isn’t helpful when yours hurts, however. Thankfully, some easy treatment measures can relieve that discomfort.

  • Shoe Changes – The most common way of dealing with an uncomfortable ganglion cyst on your foot is to remove the pressure on it. Since your shoes are often a major culprit, this means changing your footwear. Stick to styles made from soft materials that don’t squeeze down on your lower limbs. Consider getting special shoe pads to protect the bump from your footwear.

  • Immobilization – If alleviating pressure on the bump doesn’t seem to help, then minimizing your foot stress by immobilizing it for a short period of time may help the cyst shrink and grow less painful. Our team at Absolute Foot Care Specialists can help you decide if this is a reasonable option for you. You’ll need to wear a special splint for a short while.

  • Aspiration – If non-invasive methods aren’t helping, you may need to move to this simple procedure. This involves using a needle to drain the fluid from the cyst manually. Often medication is injected into the area afterward to try to prevent the lump from coming back.

Although a ganglion cyst is technically harmless, you shouldn’t have to resign yourself to living with a painful bump on your foot. Let our team at Absolute Foot Care Specialists help you alleviate any discomfort from foot bumps. Just make an appointment at our Las Vegas offices by calling (702) 839-2010, or by using our online request form.

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