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Can Surgery Repair Your Ankle Instability?

Las Vegas has a lot of great races for our running community and January is the perfect time to be training or racing. The weather is cool and the sun doesn’t bake you in the middle of the day. It’s tempting, then, to ignore issues in your ankles and hit trails to get in your regular jogging miles. After all, runners are tough and a little thing like ankle instability shouldn’t keep you from running, right? Unfortunately, chronic instability is one of those “little problems” that could boil down to ankle surgery.

Chronic ankle instability is usually the result of multiple sprains to the same ligaments that don’t completely heal. The ligaments become hyper-stretched and unstable, making your ankle far more likely to give out under pressure and get injured again. While there are some nonsurgical treatment options, these really work best in the early stages of the problem. Physical therapy, wearing a stabilizing brace, and treating the joint for inflammation helps you keep the ankle under control and alleviates pain.

These treatments aren’t always enough to let you run without aching ankles or worse: having the joint give way when you land a step. The more unstable your joint is and the more active you are, though, the more likely you will need ankle surgery to really regain stability and strength. That way, you can enjoy activities like running without pain.

There are a few different procedures to repair the damaged ligaments. One involves shortening the loosened ligament so it heals in that position, making it a little tighter and more effective at holding your ankle. Another involves moving a different, undamaged ligament so that it is responsible for the ankle joint. Each procedure tightens up the joint and holds the ankle where it belongs. Once the initial incision and repair has healed, you’ll begin physical therapy to rebuild your strength.

Ankle surgery is a big deal, but for a truly unstable joint, it may be the best thing for your lower limbs—and your running. Let Absolute Foot Care Specialists help determine if a procedure is right for you. Contact our Las Vegas offices for an appointment or more information to take care of your ankles and regain pain-free runs. Just use the website or call us at (702) 839-2010.

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