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Cool Racing with Flat Feet

Trying to run in Las Vegas through the month of August is sweltering work. With temperatures regularly above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the last thing you want is to be exercising under the sun! A running water fight is a different story, though. That’s why the city is introducing the 1st Annual Las Vegas Dash ‘N’ Splash 5k Family Fun Run on August 23. This untimed 5k involves racing with water guns and doing your best to soak other runners, all while getting sprayed back by both them and the spectators. If you’re running with flat feet, though, make sure you take precautions to avoid injuries.

Having flat feet doesn’t automatically mean you’ll have trouble. Plenty of people run with low arches. This biomechanical structure does increase your risk for overpronation and overuse injuries, though. This can result in painful shin splintsankle issues, and heel pain. However, you can take some pretty simple steps to accommodate your feet and run successfully.

Make sure the shoes you’re wearing sufficiently support your midfoot and have the cushioning you need to absorb the shock of your footsteps. You may need custom orthotics if your footwear doesn’t provide enough support on its own. Stretch and exercise your feet to build up their strength, too. Toe curls, toe points, and towel grabs work the tissues that support your arches. Stronger arches are less likely to have problems. Stretch out your soles and Achilles tendons, too, to keep everything from becoming too tight or overworked.

If you do experience painful problems when you’re running with flat feet, don’t ignore it. Contact Absolute Foot Care Specialists in Las Vegas. We can help you run comfortably again, so you can enjoy a cool race in the city! You can call (702) 839-2010 or submit a request online to reach us for an appointment.

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