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Dodging Iliotibial Band Syndrome and the Undead at the Las Vegas Zombie Run

Zombies: reanimated corpses out walking around, looking for human brains to devour. They’re the subject of dozens of movies, video games, and survival strategies. They’re also coming to Las Vegas on October 27th for this year’s Zombie Run! For anyone looking to add a little extra excitement to a 5k, especially one that benefits a local charity, this could be the event for you. Participants have to dodge zombies all along the track to make it through the race “alive.”  Of course, they have to dodge running injuries, too—like iliotibial band syndrome (ITB)—if they want to survive it without pain.

ITB syndrome is the inflammation of the iliotibial band: a tendon attached to the muscle that runs from the hip along the thigh to the outside of the knee. When it becomes stressed, usually from getting pinched or rubbed against the knee bones, it causes you pain that can slow you down—which is not a good thing when you’re running from zombies! ITB syndrome is caused by the knee turning inwards while you run, something worn shoes or bad arches contribute to.

Make sure you wear running shoes that have been fitted to your specific needs when you train and race. They should stabilize your foot and provide the kind of arch support you require, so your feet don’t roll in too far and twist your knee inward as well. The race takes place over varying terrains, so condition your feet for different surfaces. Taking these precautions now can help you avoid running problems during and after the race.

The Las Vegas Zombie Run promises to be an exciting event for seasoned runners and amateurs alike. And if you want to participate but you don’t want to complete a 5k, the track has a 1-mile option, or you could even volunteer to be a walking corpse instead. However you decide to participate, make sure you take care of your feet. Your body will thank you for it. If you’re already experiencing pain or have questions, contact Absolute Foot Care Specialists for an appointment or more information by calling (702)- 839- 2010 or visiting the website contact page.

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