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Don’t Give Up: Limb Salvage Surgery Chances

It’s now a couple weeks into the New Year—and about the time most people give up on their resolutions. If you have serious foot health or diabetic foot issues, though, this is definitely not the time to give up on resolving to take care of them. Even if cancer, a traumatic injury, or severe diabetes has damaged and disabled your lower limb, don’t give up until you’ve tried every last resort to keep your feet functioning, including limb salvage surgery. Even if this seems intimidating, it can completely change your feet for the better.

Limb salvage surgery is a last chance to save your foot. If you qualify for limb salvage, the damage to your foot is already severe. You have a tumor or some other problem that can, and will, spread and put your life at risk. In some cases, your foot might not even be able to support you. It’s dangerous to let the problem go untreated, particularly for people with diabetes; for them, a foot injury could become life-threatening quickly, requiring either diabetic limb salvage or an outright amputation.

Limb salvage isn’t just about preventing amputation, either. It’s also about restoring function to your foot. The cancers, diabetic complications, and injuries that hurt your feet enough to need limb salvage surgery impair their function and can make your foot fairly useless. Preventing amputation is not particularly helpful if you still can’t use that foot! If the surgery restores your lower limbs, however, it can make a huge difference for your life.

Correcting a problem condition can mean inserting prosthetics, bone grafts, and hardware, or even fusing joints. The procedure itself will be difficult and the recovery afterward will take a while. The surgery will be worth it, though, if it allows you to get back to walking again.

Limb salvage surgery can be intimidating, but it can be what saves your foot and allows you to stay mobile if you need it. Don’t give up and lose your limb! Let Absolute Foot Care Specialists in Las Vegas help you take care of your foot. We’ll walk you through the whole process. If your foot needs saving, call (702) 839-2010 to make an appointment with us right away.

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