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Easy Ways to Identify Your Pronation

Coaches and team leaders always look for insights and strategies to boost performance. Sometimes that means studying opponents. Sometimes it means studying their own players and factors that affect them. One way you can do this for yourself is to examine your pronation style.

Your pronation style has a pretty significant effect on how your foot works and whether you’re likely to struggle with overuse injuries. That’s why knowing your pronation style can help you. It can allow you to understand your lower limbs better and work out the best ways to support them so they function at their best.

There are two main methods for easily identifying your pronation without a full gait analysis: the shoe test and the wet test.

The Shoe Test – Grab a pair of shoes that you use frequently, particularly walking or running shoes. Flip them over and look at the soles. Examine the wear pattern from your steps. If the soles are worn evenly under the ball of the foot and the outside of your heel, you’re a normal pronator. If you have excessive wear along the inside of your arch, you overpronate. If you see wear and tear mostly along the outer edge of your sole, you supinate.

The Wet Test – Take a heavy sheet of paper or a brown bag and set it on a hard floor. Lightly wet the sole of your foot in a pan of shallow water. Step firmly on the paper with your wet foot, putting your full weight on that limb. Step off the paper and examine your footprint. If your foot curves in slightly where your arch should be, you pronate normally. If you have almost no curve along the arch, you overpronate. If you have a deep curve along the arch so very little of the middle of your foot is visible, you supinate.

Once you have an idea how you pronate, you’re able to accommodate your lower limbs. You can find shoes that help your foot function at its best when you’re active, and be on the watch for overuse problems that are common to your pronation style. If you need help analyzing your gait, or you need help accommodating your pronation, contact us at Absolute Foot Care Specialists. You can reach our Las Vegas offices by calling (702) 839-2010, or by contacting us online.

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