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Exercises for Stronger Ankles that Actually Work

It seems there’s always a new type of fitness equipment or DVD that will give you better abs in a shorter time, or will take your athletics to the next level. When most people try these new things, however, they find that the equipment or program or even diet isn’t all that special. In some cases, it isn’t even what their bodies need.

Finding things that do help can make a huge difference for your fitness and injury prevention, though. That’s why investing in ankle exercises that actually work is a major part of keeping your feet stable and avoiding overuse injuries like tendonitis.

Your ankles are vital joints for your lower limb function—not just for sports and staying fit, but for day-to-day activities. When they are weak, you are at risk for painful injuries. Building stronger ankles improves your performance and helps you avoid pain. You don’t want to waste your time with ankle conditioning exercises that aren’t actually that helpful, though.

Here are a few ankle exercises that are designed to work the muscles and connective tissues that control and stabilize those joints so they get stronger:

Towel Stretch – Loop a towel around your foot and pull back gently until you feel a stretch in your calf.

Heel Raises – Stand with your feet apart and slowly rise up on your toes. Then lower to neutral and repeat.

Alphabet Motions – Holding your leg completely still, “write” the alphabet on the floor using your toes. Only move your foot at the ankle.

Point and Flex – Hold your foot out in front of you. Flex it as hard as you can, then slowly point it as hard as you can. To make it more challenging, point or flex against a resistance band.

The stronger your ankles are, the less likely you’ll develop sprains, tendonitis, or shin splints. You’ll also find your balance improving. You don’t have to wait until you notice a problem to invest in ankle conditioning. Work on stronger ankles today so you can live healthy now. If you’re not sure how to do these exercises, or you’re concerned about pain you already have in your ankles, let us know at Absolute Foot Care Specialists. You can reach our Las Vegas offices by calling (702) 839-2010 or through our online request forms.

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