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Our Nevada Podiatry Blog Explores Common Foot Problems and Treatments

Have you been unsuccessfully trying to treat a painful foot condition at home? Our podiatrists have compiled top tips on heel pain, bunions, fungal nails, hammertoes, and other conditions to allow patients to break the cycle of ineffective treatment.

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  • Can Orthotics Help Athletic Performance? Most people realize custom orthotics can help reduce their foot pain. But can they actually boost the athletic performance of athletes who wear them?
  • Types of Orthotics With so many types of foot inserts on the market, how do you know what you need? Dr. Noah Levine in Las Vegas explains the types of orthotics.
  • Why Custom Orthotics Work Dr. Noah Levine of Absolute Foot Care in Las Vegas explains why custom orthotics can be so beneficial for people with foot pain.
  • If the Orthotics Fit…Wear Them! A one size fits all orthotic will not provide your foot the support it needs. Dr. Levine explains that custom orthotics are made specific for your foot!
  • The Right Shoes to Celebrate Choose the right shoe for the Annual Hispanic International Day !Chances are that you will likely spend a lot of time on your feet.
  • When to Replace Orthotics If you’ve had a pair of orthotics for a while, it may be time to replace them. Dr. Noah Levine in Las Vegas discusses how to tell when it’s time.
  • Running Right: Who Really Needs Orthotics Runners should see the Absolute Foot Care Specialists to see if custom orthotics will help with their running and injury prevention.