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Our Nevada Podiatry Blog Explores Common Foot Problems and Treatments

Have you been unsuccessfully trying to treat a painful foot condition at home? Our podiatrists have compiled top tips on heel pain, bunions, fungal nails, hammertoes, and other conditions to allow patients to break the cycle of ineffective treatment.

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  • Don’t Gamble with Flat Feet Some people have flat feet and never develop symptoms. Others wind up with chronic pain and impaired activity. Don’t leave your outcome up to chance! Get your flat feet evaluated by the Absolute Foot Care Specialists.
  • 5 Tips to Alleviate Your Fallen Arch Pain When an important tendon can’t support your arch, it starts to lean like the tower of Pisa. Dr. Noah Levine offers tips for fallen arch pain.
  • How Progressive Flatfoot Can Mean Pain on the Job The flatter your arches get, the more it can hurt your feet while you work. Dr. Noah Levine explains how and why this happens.
  • Where Teen Flatfoot Pain Comes From I your teen complaining his or her flat arches hurt? Wonder what’s behind it? Dr. Noah Levine in Las Vegas explains teen flatfoot pain and tarsal coalition.