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Guess the Itch: It Could Be Psoriasis

Every fall starts off with a break to celebrate the workers who make the USA so great. Labor Day weekend is a celebration where people can relax and appreciate everyone’s hard work by taking a little break. Your feet are hard workers, too, but they don’t get a holiday weekend. They often are neglected until you can’t ignore them anymore. Symptoms like itchy feet don’t seem like a big deal until they make it hard to stand.

Feet itch for dozens of reasons. It may be a temporary irritation, or a problem with inflammation. It could be an infection, or simply too little moisture in your skin. Determining why your feet have gotten itchy means examining them carefully to look for the source of irritation, such as chronic diseases like psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a disease that creates uncomfortable plaques on the skin. It’s an autoimmune problem, which means the body is attacking itself and creating the symptoms. No one knows entirely why this starts, but once it does, it dries out the feet and leads to painful itching and cracking in the feet. It’s true, this isn’t as common as calluses or simply developing an allergy to something your feet touched. It is, however, extremely important to have the condition accurately diagnosed and monitored to keep your feet healthy.

Here are a few clues that your itchy feet might be from psoriasis:

  • Thick, Red Patches – These plaques are often on your soles and covered by a silver layer of dead skin.

  • Dryness and Itching – Typically the plaques are dry and quite itchy and irritated.

  • Scaly, Rough Skin – Milder forms of psoriasis turn your dry skin scaly.

  • Painful Pustules – More severe psoriasis plaques can form pustules.

If your feet are itching and you’re not sure why, it really is best to have the condition checked out. Problems like psoriasis are chronic and need proper treatment. Our team at Absolute Foot Care Specialists will evaluate your skin and help you get the treatment you need. Don’t wait! Contact our offices in Las Vegas for more information or a consultation today. Call (702) 839-2010 or use the website to reach us.

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