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Helpful Information about Plantar Fasciitis

Have you been unsuccessfully trying to treat a painful foot condition at home? Our podiatrists have compiled top tips on heel pain, bunions, fungal nails, hammertoes, and other conditions to allow patients to break the cycle of ineffective treatment.

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  • When the First Step is the Hardest Plantar fasciitis is infamous for causing heel pain that spikes after periods of rest—the first step is literally the hardest and most painful
  • Managing Plantar Fasciitis for Sports Heel pain and sports don’t mix well. Dr. Noah Levine explains why it’s hard to play with plantar fasciitis and what can be done for it.
  • Painful First Steps Plantar fasciitis affect approximately 10% of the population and can be treated with numerous conservative measures. We can diagnose your foot pain!
  • Exercising with Orthotics Dr. Noah Levine in Las Vegas discusses how orthotics for plantar fasciitis may offer you the heel pain relief you need to be able to stay active.