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Heels at the Gym: Busted Ankle or a Blast?

Kelly Ripa may have given her the idea with her High Heel-a-thon (a sprint to raise money for the heart health of women), or maybe “Heel Hop’s” creator, Kamilah, was inspired by her own love for the sky high styles of stilettos, platforms, and sling backs. Whatever the source of her idea, working out in high-heels may be coming to a gym near you thanks to this backup dancer turned workout diva.

Kamilah currently teaches the hour long class in her LA studio, but could this workout make it to the mainstream? If so, it’s likely that it would be a bust for some participants—in the form of a broken ankle or foot.

The American Podiatric Medical Association recommends that the heel of a shoe should not exceed 2 inches. This recommendation is made due to the excessive pressure that is placed on the forefoot by this type of shoe. The entire body is forced into a position where weight is distributed unevenly causing diminished balance. Falls are more likely when someone wearing a high-heeled style is walking. Now imagine what could happen doing a workout routine!

Foot and ankle fractures along with metatarsalgia and Morton’s neuroma are just some of the foot conditions that are caused with this shoe choice. Save your low heels for special occasions and grab your athletic shoes for your favorite class at the gym. You and your feet will be glad that you did!

Proper footwear is one of the best ways to prevent ankle pain and injury. At Absolute Foot Care Specialists we understand that your feet work hard for you each day. Dr. Noah Levine will work to end your foot pain and get you back to your normal routine quickly.  Schedule an appointment today at one of two Las Vegas locations, or request an appointment online.

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