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Home Foot Care Isn’t Scary

People generally consider movies like The Shining, haunted houses, and graveyards on Halloween quite scary. Some individuals enjoy them for that very reason. Other things in life can be frightening without people enjoying them, like visits to the doctor. The good news for your foot pain is that, no matter how nervous you are about it, foot care isn’t scary—and you can do much of it safely at home.

Home foot care can range from simple measures to alleviate pain to the daily habits that help keep your feet healthy. In some cases, it may be as simple as following instructions from experts like our team here at Absolute Foot Care Specialists to take care of your lower limbs.

Home foot care generally falls into a few related categories: general hygiene, foot protection, and regular inspections. Together these three things help you keep your feet healthy, prevent problems, and manage minor issues you might already have.

  1. General Hygiene – This means washing your feet with warm water and moisturizing soap daily. This eliminates old sweat and bacteria on your skin. Pat your feet completely dry afterward and use lotion to moisturize. Every couple of weeks, trim your toenails straight across so the keratin stays even with the ends of your toes.

  2. Foot Protection – Wear clean, fitted, moisture-wicking socks every day to protect your feet. Stick to shoes that have low heels, supported arches, and sturdy soles. Avoid styles that pinch or squeeze your feet. If you can, avoid going barefoot, especially in places like locker rooms, community bathrooms, and pool decks. Stretch your feet regularly and make sure you exercise them, too. This helps them stay conditioned and limit soreness.

  3. Regular Inspections – Check your feet every day for small injuries and changes. Look for discoloration in your skin or nails, unusual lumps or bumps, or injuries that you don’t remember getting. Check for cracking skin and particularly for small sores or spots that don’t seem to heal.

You shouldn’t wait until you’re too scared of your pain or other foot problems to take care of your lower limbs. Basic foot care is easy and can be done at home. Anything beyond that can usually be handled quickly at one of the Absolute Foot Care Specialists offices in Las Vegas. Just make an appointment with us by calling (702) 839-2010 or using our online forms.

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