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How to Catch Your Children’s Foot Problems

Learning should be fun for kids, and few places are as good at making education entertaining as the Discovery Children’s Museum here in Las Vegas. A climbing structure, invention corner, interactive mystery exhibit, art exploration, and much more keep kids running and engaged in learning for hours. How children play can tell you a lot about them—not just personality-wise, but also whether or not they have issues with their feet. Children’s foot problems can be subtle, so you need to watch for the signs.

Kids often “play through” discomfort, or are afraid to tell parents about pain because they don’t want to visit the doctor’s office. However, taking care of issues is important in the long run. Children’s foot problems often recover quickly when they are treated. Failing to take care of conditions and allowing them to progress can lead to chronic pain and weakness later in life.

There are a handful of signs that may signal your child has a foot problem that he or she isn’t telling you about:

Reluctance to Participate – When activity makes the feet ache, children may be reluctant to play, even if they normally would enjoy it. Watch for your child withdrawing from games and sports he or she normally enjoys.

Lagging Behind Peers – If your son or daughter struggles with fatigue and can’t keep up in running or playing, particularly for sports, foot problems may be the cause. Biomechanical issues like flat feet wear out the lower limbs quickly.

Frequent Trips and Falls – Tripping or falling a lot may signal weakness or gait abnormalities. Sometimes other balance or neuromuscular issues may also be related.

Embarrassed to Show Their Feet – Your child may notice changes in his or her feet or nails and be embarrassed by them. Make a habit of checking your child’s lower limbs for changes regularly.

Complaining of Pain – Painful injuries or swelling that has your child complaining are not normal and should be investigated. This is especially important if complaints last more than a couple days.

Children’s foot problems shouldn’t be taken for granted. Your children need strong, healthy foundations as they grow. Let the Absolute Foot Care Specialists team help you take care of your family’s feet. Just contact one of our Las Vegas offices for an appointment by calling (702) 839-2010 or using the web request forms.

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