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Many Paths to Nerve Damage

It’s a classic saying: “All roads lead to Rome.” The idea is that multiple paths can lead to the same result—there isn’t one exclusive “way” for something. That’s certainly the case for many projects in life, and it’s definitely the case for nerve damage. Many underlying issues can lead to painful nerve conditions in your feet.

Nerve damage is a pretty general term that encompasses any condition that injures or impairs your nervous tissue. Most often in the feet, serious nerve issues are related to something like diabetic neuropathy or an autoimmune disease. However, injuries and overuse can contribute to nerve pain in the feet, too. A key part of taking care of the problem, then, is to identify the exact source if your condition.

Diabetic neuropathy is one of the most common sources of nerve pain in the feet. High blood sugar or rapidly fluctuating blood sugar levels cause your blood vessels to leak. This in turn damages the nervous tissue in your extremities, particularly your lower limbs. Neuropathy can have many underlying or contributing causes besides diabetes, of course. Cancer, autoimmune diseases, severe vitamin deficiencies, and exposure to toxins or harmful chemicals can all lead to this condition.

Injuries are another major source of nerve tissue pain in your feet. Neuromas develop when a particular nerve is aggravated and under pressure. A portion of the nerve swells and thickens. Nerves can also get pinched and misfire painfully when you break a bone, twist your ankle, or have any sort of swelling around them in your lower limbs. This pain can be temporary and go away when the injury heals and the swelling goes down, or it may require an intervention to remove the pressure on the tissue.

Since so many issues can cause nerve pain, it’s important for you to have your discomfort carefully evaluated to identify the source of the problem. Once the issue has been accurately diagnosed, you’re able to get the treatment your nerves need to alleviate the problem—or at least to manage and eliminate the pain. The longer you wait, the more you risk the discomfort becoming permanent. Let our team at Absolute Foot Care Specialists help you. Make an appointment through our website, or call (702) 839-2010 to reach our Las Vegas offices.

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