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Mastering Running Form before the Rhino Night Race

There are races for every kind of runner, from city tracks to backwoods trails. Las Vegas has a very different event coming this July 26—the Rhino Course Night Race. In addition to being run at night, the whole 5-mile course is covered in a variety of obstacles to test your endurance. The race is family-friendly, too; kids can complete a 1-mile version earlier in the evening. As you prepare, though, it may be a good idea to think about your running form.

Your form is both how you hold yourself as well as how your feet strike the ground when you stride. Running experts everywhere agree that keeping your back straight, tilting forward slightly, holding your arms and hands loose, and taking short strides are part of maintaining good running posture. Where people disagree is how your foot should land with each strike: on the heel, in the middle, or at the front.

Many people argue that striking the mid or forefoot is the best way to land and avoid injuries, while others strike with their heels and have no problems. However, it is true that landing on the middle or front of the foot helps increase your efficiency for absorbing shock. Should you just switch your foot strike pattern?

That depends on your needs. Changing your gait takes time, and if not done well, could cause painful problems. Your body has to adjust to the changes and recondition itself to handle the slightly different stressors. What may be better for your body is focusing on a better running form overall.

Make sure you don’t arch your lower back when you run. Keep your stride short, so your feet land fairly close to your body. Often, this means taking more steps in a minute, too. Do your best to run softly as well, so you aren’t stomping.

If you have trouble with your form, or you find you’re developing running pain, let Absolute Foot Care Specialists in Las Vegas help. Call (702) 839-2010 or use our online request form to reach us.

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