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Not Just for Techies: Reduce Your Nerve Pain

Humans love technology. We’ve been using tools for millennia and improving them to make work easier for ourselves for at least that long. Sometimes technology advances slowly, gradually giving rise to better tools. Nowadays it tends to leap forward rapidly, giving us fast and powerful computers, virtual and augmented reality, and dozens of “smart” household items in just a few years. Some of these advances have been a great help for relieving peripheral neuropathy pain through Combined Electrochemical Therapy (CECT).

There are lots of ways to manage and alleviate nerve pain, though some are more successful than others. Usually, treatment involves multiple methods. Physical therapy helps strengthen weak muscles. Home remedies may reduce irritation and improve circulation. Sometimes medications help as well.

New technology, however, has improved this process and made CECT possible. This procedure, which is also called combined electrochemical treatment, is a way of limiting the pain and potentially encouraging healing with peripheral neuropathy.

It works using a combination of electronic nerve stimulation along with small amounts of anesthetic. These two processes actually work toward opposite effects in the nervous tissue. The anesthetic numbs it, while the electronic tool stimulates it. Together, this overloads the nerve and decreases the pain signals it sends out. The process also decreases swelling the nervous tissues.

There seem to be other positive side effects as well, though research on these is ongoing. The process appears to increase healthy circulation in the treated area and generally decrease inflammation there. For a few types of peripheral neuropathy, this could mean recovering strength, balance, and even some feeling.

CECT is still a growing field, but the results are pretty clear. Most people who receive this therapy notice a significant drop in their nerve pain within just a few treatments. That’s why we’re offering it here at Absolute Foot Care Specialists. We want the best for our patients and to truly manage their pain. If you’re struggling with peripheral neuropathy and nothing else is helping, let us know. We’ll see if CECT is right for you. Call (702) 839-2010 or use our online forms to reach us.

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