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Pass the Ball around Soccer Injuries

School soccer games don’t always draw the crowds that varsity football games do, but they have just as much passion and excitement. The “beautiful game” is a great sport for active teens. The Las Vegas area has many high schools with soccer programs, which teach students coordination, sportsmanship, and great skills. They also work with players to prevent soccer injuries.

Soccer puts significant strain on your feet and ankles. Running, jumping, sliding, kicking, twisting, changing directions rapidly—all of the actions you do during a game or practice require strong, stable lower limbs. Games, however, are unpredictable. Accidents happen. Even the repetitive nature of certain actions in the sport can lead to overuse issues.

The good news is that many soccer injuries can be prevented. You may not be able to avoid getting tripped, but you can prevent other painful problems by conditioning your lower limbs, warming up properly, and wearing cleats that fit correctly. Conditioning involves strengthening your lower limbs and building up your endurance over time. Don’t take this for granted. Stretch and exercise your feet and ankles daily, slowly increasing in intensity. Try cross-training with low-impact sports as well.

Make sure you warm up completely before each practice and game. This helps your muscles adjust and start “firing” correctly before being pushed to perform. The best warm-ups involve dynamic stretching, like lunges and jogging in place. Leg swings and calf raises are also good for soccer players. When the game ends, walk and cool off a few minutes, and then finish with stretches. You need to keep your lower limbs flexible to avoid pulled or strained muscles later.

The right cleats can make a world of difference for protecting your feet from soccer injuries, too. Foot gear that is too big may slide around and give you blisters or trip you. Shoes that are too small will pinch your feet and make you more prone to black toenailsingrown nails, and blisters. Have your cleats fitted by a specialist to make sure they are right.

Not all injuries from soccer can be prevented, but they don’t have to be inevitable, either. A little foot care can go a long way in protecting your lower limbs. Let Absolute Foot Care Specialists help you play the beautiful game without pain. Call our Las Vegas offices at (702) 839-2010 or use our website to make an appointment with us.

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