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Prevent Basketball Injuries and Stay in the Game

March Madness is just getting started! The NCAA’s big men’s basketball tournament pits 68 of the best college basketball teams from around the country against each other for a chance at the national title. It’s an opportunity for players to show off their skills and make their universities proud. Painful basketball injuries can end that opportunity, though, as any player is aware.

With all its rapid direction changes and high, powerful jumps, basketball can wreak havoc on your lower limbs. Sprains, connective tissue ruptures, stress fractures, and broken bones are common problems that basketball lovers at any level have to contend with. Whether you’re competing on national TV or shooting hoops in your own driveway, you should know that preventing pain is better than trying to play and recover from a problem at the same time.

Basketball injuries from accidents are hard to avoid, since you can’t predict them. Overuse problems, however, are easier to prevent. Make sure you continue to condition your feet and ankles to handle the strain of the game. Warm up and cool down completely with both dynamic and static stretches before and after you play. Keep an eye on your high tops, too. If you notice your shoes getting worn out, replace them so that your foot gear always offers you the best protection. Make sure your socks are properly fitted and don’t contribute to blister formation.

Don’t let foot pain keep you on the bench during March Madness. Whether you’re out on the court for the tournament or shooting hoops for fun, take steps to protect your lower limbs. If you’re concerned about any foot pain, don’t wait for it to get worse to seek help. Contact the experts here at Absolute Foot Care Specialists in Las Vegas for an appointment or more information. Call (702) 839-2010 or fill out the online contact form to reach us.

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