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Pro First Aid Treatment for Broken Toes

The pro football preseason has arrived! For everyone who has been waiting since the Super Bowl back in February for football to return, you can relax and enjoy the games. You’ll be in good company, as thousands of people cheer on every touchdown and moan over every preseason injury. Injuries don’t have to be serious to sideline a person, either. Something as simple as a broken toe can affect game play. Fortunately, first aid treatment for broken toes is simple—and effective for everyone, including those of us who are not professional athletes.

When you first break your toe, stop your activities and ice your forefoot. This will help decrease the swelling and prevent the fracture from worsening. Apply the ice for 15 – 20 minutes at a time. Do this every hour or two for the first few days following the injury. Elevate your foot as often as you can to help combat swelling as well.

You’ll also need to avoid stressing the affected toe. Keeping it immobilized can help with this. Splinting your toe by buddy-taping it to its neighbor is a common and helpful technique. You may need to wear a stiff-soled shoe for a while to avoid overusing the injured digit.

If your toe continues to be very painful after several days of home treatment, or it appeared crooked after breaking it, you should have the condition evaluated. The toe may need to be realigned to heal properly. If your own shoes aren’t stiff enough to protect the toe, we can provide a special boot for you, too. As the digit heals, you’ll be able to ease back into your activities.

Treatment for broken toes is pretty simple, but it can help your foot heal correctly and avoid chronically painful issues later. Whatever you do, don’t ignore any kind of fracture, even a small one like this. Instead, set up a visit to Absolute Foot Care Specialists in Las Vegas and we can help you care for the injury. Call (702) 839-2010 or submit a request through our website to reach us.

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