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Our Nevada Podiatry Blog Explores Common Foot Problems and Treatments

Have you been unsuccessfully trying to treat a painful foot condition at home? Our podiatrists have compiled top tips on heel pain, bunions, fungal nails, hammertoes, and other conditions to allow patients to break the cycle of ineffective treatment.

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  • Basketball and Black Toenails The most common cause for black toenails is improperly fitted shoes. A podiatrist can evaluate your feet and recommend a basketball shoe for you.
  • Prevent Black Toenails While Running Black toenails are not the color you want to see at a color run like this one in Las Vegas, but you can take steps to prevent nail damage before it happens.
  • What to Do When a Toenail Falls Off Detaching toenails might cause panic, but they are treatable. Dr. Noah Levine in Las Vegas explains how to care for a nail in the process of falling off.