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Stress Fractures in Runners Can Ruin Your Race

While working hard is important to be in your best form for a race, overtraining may not allow you sufficient rest. Overtraining can lead to problems like stress fractures in runners, sidelining you for the big day. Your body needs to be able to recover after you exercise. Constantly pushing yourself to the limit, so that your body is always worn out, actually risks serious injuries like stress fractures.

These thin cracks in your bones are uncomfortable, but they also weaken your feet. The more you run on a limb with a stress fracture, the more that limb will ache—and the more likely it will break completely. If you develop cracks in your bone tissue, you will have to take several weeks off from running while your foot heals. To avoid this, you need to moderate your training and allow your body to recover after hard days of running.

Remember, it’s okay to still have some energy left after a run—not every day has to exhaust you. Take several days off during the week to actually rest, and alternate between hard and easy training. If you notice that you’re developing foot pain, don’t run through it. Investigate the source and take care of the problem before it worsens.

Overtraining before an event like the Las Vegas 5k can lead to stress fractures in runners that are just as detrimental as undertraining. Running more is not the same as running smart. If you’re struggling with foot and ankle pain, especially after you exercise, contact us at Absolute Foot Care Specialists here in Las Vegas for an appointment or more information. Use our website contact form or call (702) 839-2010 to reach us.

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