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Take the Heat Out of a Pinched Nerve

If there’s anything thing Las Vegas gets, it’s hot. One thing heat does to just about everything is make it expand. It can make pavement crack and windows shatter. The pressure from expansion pinches and compresses the asphalt and the glass until something gives. Damage from pinching and compressing can happen in your feet, too—though it’s not usually because of heat, and the victims aren’t windows or roads. You feel it in your nerves. All sorts of problems can leave you with painfully pinched and compressed nerves. You need the right foot care to manage the problem before it deteriorates.

Pinched nerves are very uncomfortable, causing burning, tingling, pins-and-needles sensations, and numb patches. This can make just living and doing daily tasks, not to mention busy activities, painful and difficult. Worse, a compressed nerve that goes untreated for too long might actually become permanently damaged.

So, as you might expect, taking care of feet with a pinched nerve sooner rather than later definitely matters. In a few cases, this could mean surgery to move or remove the tissues pressing on the irritated nerve. Most feet, however, can be managed conservatively. Here are a few ways to take care of a pinched, compressed nerve and alleviate your pain:

Reduce pressure on the affected foot – Rest your foot by cutting back on activities. This takes weight off the tissues that are compressing your nerves and lets your foot heal.

Immobilize the limb – In some cases, movement plays a role in the problem. By temporarily bracing, padding, or even splinting the foot, you force the limb to rest and allow tissues to heal.

Strengthen foot with Physical Therapy – Stronger muscles better support your lower limbs, which may prevent or reduce issues that pinch your nerves.

Try direct injections – Sometimes you need prompt relief to decrease swelling and inflammation around a nerve. A direct injection delivers medication straight to the place you need it.

The sooner you deal with your nerve pain, the easier it will be to correct the problem. Don’t wait to seek help for your burning, tingling feet. Our team at Absolute Foot Care Specialists here in Las Vegas can help. Make an appointment with us online, or just call (702) 839-2010.

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