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Thanksgiving Food Choices for Feet

In the United States, the biggest meal of the year is Thanksgiving. People go out of their way to load up on food, gathering their family and friends around for a big dinner (and plenty of leftovers). It’s a day most people don’t worry about what they eat, and just enjoy good company and great food. Unfortunately, what you eat can have a big impact on your feet, especially if you have a preexisting condition like diabetes or gout. In those cases, what you eat can have very painful consequences. Making good food choices, even on Thanksgiving, is an important part of keeping your feet at their best.

One important way to eat healthy for your feet this holiday is to watch your portion control. Have only small amounts of everything you want to try, so you get a chance to eat a little of all of it. Eat slowly, and stop when you’re mostly full, even if you’re not full to bursting. Another way to slow down your eating speed and help you avoid over-eating is to pause to visit with your friends and family throughout the meal.

What you eat matters, too, particularly if you have gout or diabetes. Since foods high in fat, refined carbohydrates and sugars, processed foods, sugar-filled beverages, and even alcohol are not good for either condition, you should sharply limit them in your meal, or even avoid them altogether. This may mean substituting foods for healthier options.

Try using low-fat options for milk and other dairy products in your cooking. Don’t fry foods, either, particularly your turkey. Instead, roast it and remove the skin before eating any meat. Fill up on non-starchy vegetables instead of potatoes, too. Even then, limit how much butter or salt you use for taste, to keep the calories down and lower your risk for a holiday gout flare-up.

It can be a challenge eating for your feet when so many foods at Thanksgiving are less-than-healthy (but delicious). Planning ahead to make your meal healthier is worth it in the end, though, when you help prevent painful problems in your lower limbs and can enjoy a nice family walk or football game afterwards. If you’d like any help taking care of your foot health, particularly if you know you have gout or diabetes, let our team at Absolute Foot Care know. Our Las Vegas staff is happy to help. Make an appointment online or by calling us at (702) 839-2010.

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