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Prevent Injuries, Prepare before You Race

Running has become more fun with a variety of exciting races available for athletes who are in training for a big race. The Poker Run and 21 Sprint is the perfect example. This aptly themed race would feel right at home on the strip, but it’s being held at Kellogg-Zaher Park on July 20th at 7:00 PM. Runners can create their own plan by choosing the number of laps that they run. Collect a card after each one, and see what kind of hand you’re dealt!

Preparing for an upcoming race is critical to the prevention of injuries. Building your workout gradually will help you to avoid common overuse injuries such as shin splints and tendonitis. zif you feel pain in your feet and ankles, don’t delay a visit to our office. Quick treatment will mean a speedier return to your running routine.

Strength training is important to the health of your feet and ankles. Runners stretch, but may forget these areas which are placed under three to four times the body’s weight during a workout. It’s important to note that the calf muscles have a direct impact in the reduction of heel pain—a common complaint among athletes.

RICE isn’t just something you eat. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation should be immediate if an injury does occur. The next step—calling Absolute Foot Care Specialists. Dr. Levine will diagnose your foot and ankle pain, prescribe conservative treatments, and get you back in the race. Call one of our two Las Vegas, Nevada locations today, or schedule an appointment online.

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