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Time to Evaluate Your Diabetic Foot Care Habits

March is a great time to celebrate pi—not the dessert, but the mathematical number that roughly equals 3.14159. This year, the date 3-14-15 matches the first five digits of pi perfectly. Number-lovers everywhere will use this day as an excuse to eat pie and celebrate. If you have diabetes, though, a less sweets-filled way of celebrating would probably be better for you. Diabetes can feel inconvenient, especially when it keeps you from enjoying pie for Pi Day. On the other hand, complications in your feet from uncontrolled diabetes are worse. Fortunately, diabetic foot care habits can help prevent complications.

Daily diabetic foot care is important. These habits help you avoid wounds and infections. The key is to actually do them daily. It’s time for an honest evaluation of your foot care. How often do you wash your feet? Is it actually every day? Do you wear the appropriate footwear and inspect your limbs for changes?

Because of how easy it is for diabetic feet to develop neuropathy and be unable to feel injuries, you can’t afford to cut corners. Doing so sets yourself up for ulcers, infections, and even diabetic foot collapse. The good news is that the best practices for diabetic foot care are easier to work into your daily routine than you might think. Here are a few that you need:

Invest in hygiene – Wash your feet every single day, and pat them completely dry. Use mild soap and warm, not hot, water.

Keep skin smooth – Moisturize your feet to keep skin soft and smooth. Never cut or shave calluses; instead, have professionals like those on our team care for them.

Wear the right footwear – Wear supportive shoes that fit your arch type. Always use fitted, moisture-wicking socks, too.

Inspect feet daily – This is crucial. Use your hands to check for lumps, bumps, and temperature differences in your skin. Use your eyes to look for cuts, scrapes, blisters, bruises, discolorations, or distortions of the skin and nails. Check the tops, bottoms, sides, and spaces between the toes.

So, how was your self-evaluation? Are you maintaining good care, or struggling with it? If you need any help establishing better diabetic foot care habits, let us here at Absolute Foot Care Specialists know. We’d love to help you. Call (702) 839- 2010 to make an appointment with us today.

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