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Toenail Trimming Tragedies: What You're Doing Wrong

Sometimes the order of events or the way something is done really does matter. Whether you put ketchup or mustard on your hamburger first doesn’t matter; however, tightening the lug nuts on a new tire before you attempt to drive away does. In fact, even the order in which you tighten the lug nuts can make a difference for securing your wheel. Trimming your toenails properly doesn’t have the same weight as changing a tire, but exactly how you go about it makes a difference. Doing it wrong can contribute to ingrown nails, injuries, and infections.

Many people never learned the proper way to go about trimming their toenails, though. They end up making the very mistakes that increase risks for painful toenail problems. Here are some of the most common nail trimming errors you might be making:

Trying to Clip All at Once – Don’t try to cut the nail in one clip. Instead, start on one side and make small, straight cuts across the nail so it doesn’t tear.

Cutting Too Short – Trimming your nails too short may contribute to the edge curling into the skin.

Leaving it Too Long – On the other hand, leaving the nail too long makes it more susceptible from outside pressure like shoes that could curve the nails.

Rounding Nail Edges – Trimming the edges and corners makes them more likely to grow sideways into your skin, instead of straight forward.

The better you take care of your nails, the less likely they’ll end up ingrown, though it’s not a guarantee. However, they’re also less likely to provide a way for a fungal infection to get under the hard keratin and you’re less likely to develop black nails from repetitively hitting your digits against the insides of shoes as well.

If you need help trimming your nails properly, don’t hesitate to ask. Our team at Absolute Foot Care Specialists in Las Vegas will help you cut your toenails and teach you to do it properly. Make an appointment by calling (702) 839-2010.

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