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When it’s Time to Take Your Loved One to a Podiatrist

So you have a loved one complaining of foot pain. Maybe it’s your child. Maybe it’s a parent, a friend, or a spouse. Maybe it’s you!

Foot pain is common—most Americans will experience a significant injury, illness, or disorder of the feet or ankles at least once in their lifetime. Many of those, unfortunately, may choose to simply put up with it, but if pain is preventing you or someone you love from living life to the fullest, it’s time to seek help.

Podiatrists are medical practitioners who are specially trained to treat common (and not so common) diseases, injuries, and disorders of the feet and ankles. Although a general family practitioner may be a good first option, a podiatrist’s specialized training and experience makes him or her the best qualified choice for foot and ankle problems.

Take ingrown toenails, for example. Millions of Americans of every age suffer from this painful condition needlessly, not only accepting the soreness and sensitivity, but also the increased risk of problems like fungal infections. It’s a relatively simple matter, though, for a podiatrist to fix, and the relief is swift.

If either general pain or a specific condition like bunions, hammertoes, unstable ankles, Achilles tendinitis, corns, flat feet, the general rule is that if you notice a problem, and especially if it’s affecting your ability to stand, walk, work, or play normally, seek professional help right away. From gentle therapies to footwear modifications to surgery, Absolute Foot Care Specialists has the training and tools to help you or a loved one find long-sought relief.

Moreover, with many foot conditions, the earlier you seek treatment, the more likely conservative measures will adequately address the problem. Dragging one’s feet—metaphorically speaking—can end up meaning surgery, so if you notice or hear anything from a loved one, strongly encourage them to call us right away.

Conveniently located with 3 locations in Las Vegas, Dr. Levine and the entire staff at Absolute Foot Care Specialists are dedicated to keeping your feet and ankles healthy and stronger, for a lifetime. To schedule an appointment, call us 702-839-2010.

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