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Yoga Motion: Relax Joints with Osteoarthritis

As you get older, you probably know the feeling—stiff and creaking bones that don’t seem to want to move as easily as they used to. Aging is hard on the body. Painful problems like osteoarthritis can take hold of the joints and limit your mobility. That’s why the YMCA’s Las Vegas Durango Hills Community Center hosts programs like Senior Yoga Therapy and 55+ Yoga Fitness. Yoga is great exercise to maintain a normal, healthy range of motion in arthritic joints and may improve issues in your feet.

Yoga works the feet in a safe way that few other forms of exercise do. You need to be aware of your lower limbs to balance well. Often, you shift your weight around on your feet and use a variety of supportive muscles to hold poses as well as stretch. Spreading your toes for these poses helps work through stiffened tissues and benefits your sense of balance. Several poses even stretch the feet specifically.

Yoga not only carefully stretches and works the body, it also promotes relaxation and reduced stress, which may help you deal with your arthritis symptoms. The key is to approach the activity gently, going at a pace your feet and the rest of your body can handle. The calm atmosphere can help your feet relax more easily. The steady movement can help improve your circulation, too, which in turn promotes healing in your damaged joints.

If you’re aging and looking for a way to regain some movement and relieve pain in your feet from osteoarthritis, consider yoga. It’s a safe activity that anyone can begin, no matter how fit you are—or are not—at the moment. It’s certainly better than letting the stiffness take over your lower limbs. If you are concerned about your feet or ankles in any way or would like help with your arthritis pain, let us know here at Absolute Foot Care Specialists in Las Vegas. You can reach any of our offices by calling (702) 839-2010 or submitting a request through our website.

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