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Our FAQ Has Fast Facts on Common Foot and Ankle Injuries in Las Vegas

Our patients are full of questions, and we provide the answers. On our FAQ page, our Las Vegas foot doctors explore the most common questions about heel pain, bunions, nail fungus, ingrown toenails, neuropathy, surgery, and more. Browse or search through our FAQ to get the answers you need.

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  • What is a Podiatrist?

    A podiatrist is a doctor who focuses on the health of the feet and ankles. These foot specialists receive their undergraduate degree, a graduate degree from a school of podiatry, and then complete a residency program to complete their work. Board certification and licensing standards are obtained by those who practice in this field. A Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) understands the complexities of the feet and ankles. Some specialize in surgical procedures while others focus on diabetic foot careor foot conditions in children. Because the health of the feet reflect the health of the rest of the body, these well-trained physicians must have a great understanding of each system and the diseases that can affect them. Your feet are an integral part of your livelihood. Support them in the best way possible with effective, highly-specialized podiatric care. Dr. Levine looks forward to serving you at one of our convenient Las Vegas locations. Call today or schedule an appointment online.

  • Why is it important to take care of my feet?

    The feet are unforgettable. Your mobility and quality of life are instantly affected when the feet aren’t functioning properly. If you’re experiencing pain in your feet or ankles, each step will remind you that there is a problem. The good news is that basic foot care and proper shoe gear can prevent many common foot conditions such as ingrown toenailscorns, and fungal nails. The health of the feet are a good indication of the health of the rest of the body. Serious diseases such as diabetes and arthritis affect the feet first. If you’re monitoring their condition, you will pick up on the signs and symptoms of these medical conditions. The team of experts in podiatric medicine at Absolute Foot Care Specialists in Las Vegas, NV are with you every step of the way. Make an appointment today for an evaluation, and end your foot pain now!

  • When should I see a Podiatrist?

    See a podiatrist at the first sign of a problem with your feet and ankles. Many people think that their pain will subside, so they wait to seek treatment. What they don’t realize is that the discomfort they feel is the body’s way of signaling for assistance. Don’t ignore it! Most common foot conditions will only worsen without care, and can become serious quickly if untreated. If you are diabetic, immediate medical attention is critical upon first spotting a concern. Whether you’re dealing with heel pain or a sports injury, proper evaluation and treatment are necessary. Podiatrists understand that the feet impact your whole body, and they have many conservative treatment options to address your needs. Pain in the feet and ankles can be diagnosed quickly and efficiently with expert care from Dr. LevineCall one of our Las Vegas locations today, and you’ll be on your way to healthier feet and a happier you!

  • Is surgery the best way to get rid of my foot pain?

    Surgery is usually used as a last resort with most podiatric problems. All conservative treatment should be exhausted before surgery is recommended. There are some instances where surgery is a first line of treatment, but that is not common.

  • What can I expect during my first visit to your office?

    You can expect award-winning care and excellent service at Absolute Foot Care Specialists when you make an appointment at one of three convenient Las Vegas, NV locations. You will be welcomed by our expert staff who will make you feel right at home. We value your time, and our New Patients page offers links to forms that can be completed before the arrival of your first visit. This will insure efficiency as we meet you for the first time. Our doctors review your medical history during your visit, allowing time to hear your concerns and to understand other health issues that you may be facing. A complete exam of your feet and ankles will be done, and you will have ample time to ask questions. Conservative care offers long-term results, and a treatment plan that will be designed to effectively address your foot and ankle pain. Call today to schedule your first appointment.

  • How can I prepare for my first podiatry visit?

    At Absolute Foot Care Specialists, we have lots of tools to help you prepare for your very first podiatry appointment. Before you come into one of our Las Vegas offices, download the new patient forms from our website. These provide us with your contact and basic medical information. Fill these out and print them to bring with you to your first appointment. It’s also very helpful if you make a list of your current medications, any past foot or ankle injuries or problems, and the symptoms you’ve been experiencing. When you actually come into our office, bring all of this paperwork with you, along with your medical insurance cards and a photo ID. This will aid us in the check-in process. Wear or bring the shoes you tend to use most often, so we can examine the wear patterns to look for any gait problems during your evaluation. You can also think through any questions you might like to ask the doctor ahead of time. If you’re at all concerned about your appointment, or you’d like to make one, let us know! Call (702) 839-2010 or use our website to reach us.