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How do I find children’s shoes for my young child?

Finding the right children’s shoes for your young son or daughter is important for their lower limb development. Footwear that doesn’t fit well for their age and foot size could contribute to lower limb issues and injuries. You need to focus on three things when looking for children’s shoes: the fit, the makeup, and the type. Fit – Footwear should have a wide toe box and rounded ends that don’t squeeze your child’s toes. Make sure there’s about half an inch of space between the tips of the toes and the ends of the shoes. You should be able to slip the tip of your pinky between the heel of the shoe and your child’s foot, too. Makeup – Look for footwear made from breathable materials, like leather, canvas, or mesh. The soles should have non-slip tread, but not be sticky or thick. Type – Babies and new walkers need very soft booties or pre-walking shoes. Toddlers need breathable footwear with flexible soles. Older children can wear more supportive models with thicker soles for being active. If you’re struggling to find or fit the right pair, let Absolute Foot Care Specialists help you. Call (702) 839-2010 to make an appointment with us.