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Our FAQ Has Fast Facts on Common Foot and Ankle Injuries in Las Vegas

Our patients are full of questions, and we provide the answers. On our FAQ page, our Las Vegas foot doctors explore the most common questions about heel pain, bunions, nail fungus, ingrown toenails, neuropathy, surgery, and more. Browse or search through our FAQ to get the answers you need.

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  • Why are my toenails becoming thick and discolored?

    Why Toenails are Thick and Discolored?Thick and discolored toenails are often caused by a fungus that invades the nail. It is the same type of fungus that causes athlete’s foot. Sometimes this problem can be caused from trauma to the nails. Treatment for fungus to toenails often involves an oral medicine, but sometimes can be treated with topical medications. Sometimes thick nails are not fungus at all but are due to trauma – either from something dropping onto the toenail or shoes that are too tight, especially athletic shoes. Athletic shoes should be fit so that there is a full finger’s width in front of the longest toe while standing.

  • What is the best way to trim toenails?

    If you trim toenails properly, you can avoid unintended issues like ingrown nails or even an increased susceptibility to fungal infections. Use straight-edged clippers to cut your toenails straight across. Make small cuts instead of trying to trim the whole nail in one shot. Leave the edges of the nails intact so they don’t dig down into your skin. Clip the keratin so it lines up with the end of your toe, rather than being shorter or longer. If you file your nails, don’t drag the emery board back and forth. That only weakens the nail. Instead, only move the emery board in one direction until the rough edges are smooth. If you’re not sure how to trim toenails properly, or you’re unable to do so safely because you have a condition like advanced peripheral neuropathy or trouble reaching your feet, let us at Absolute Foot Care Specialists know. We’ll help you make sure your nails are clipped correctly and safely. Contact us through our website, or call (702) 839-2010 to make an appointment with us today.

  • Why do I suddenly get cold feet?

    A sudden change in foot temperature from normal to cold is usually Raynaud’s disease. In general, there are many reasons for cold feet, including nerve problems like peripheral neuropathy, artery problems like PAD, vitamin deficiencies, and even chronic alcohol abuse. Raynaud’s disease is slightly different. Something triggers the blood vessels to constrict rapidly and sharply limit the blood flow to your lower limbs. This is temporary, but for some people with more serious cases, the flare-up may last a while and possibly contribute to painful foot damage. No one is exactly sure what causes Raynaud’s disease. Sometimes it’s a side effect of an autoimmune disorder or preexisting problem like that. More often, though, it develops after an injury, in response to repetitive actions or motions, or as a symptom of other circulation-decreasing issues, like smoking. Exposure to extreme temperature changes and stress are the most common triggers of a “cold feet” episode. If you’re struggling with icy toes, let the Absolute Foot Care Specialists team help. Make an appointment online, or call (702) 839-2010 to reach our Las Vegas offices for an appointment.