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Get Your Daily Dose of Diabetic Foot Inspections

Every day you brush your teeth, comb your hair, and get dressed, but do you check out your feet? If you have diabetes, you’d better! The disease causes a likelihood of foot problems, so adding diabetic foot inspections to your daily routine is vital to the health of your feet.

You might have some trouble getting a really close look. The experts at Absolute Foot Care Specialists suggest using a small, handheld mirror. Even better, have a loved one do the examining.

Some things to look for include redness, calluses, or blisters. This could indicate irritation from your shoes—a perfect excuse to go shoe shopping! Make sure you pick a pair that are comfortable and fit well.

Bruises on your feet can be a sign of blood flow problems—something you should definitely talk to your podiatrist about. An ingrown toenail is another reason to make an appointment, as is any kind of sore or laceration. These can easily become infected and lead to serious complications. If you discover that your skin is dry and cracked, by all means moisturize, but not between your toes. That is an area that fungus likes to find. You don’t want to get a case of athlete’s foot, which is another invitation for infection.

By taking good care of your feet, most serious problems associated with diabetes can be avoided. For more information about diabetic foot inspections, or to make an appointment, call Dr. Noah Levine at (702) 839-2010. Stop by Absolute Foot Care Specialists in Las Vegas, NV, or visit us online. Remember, checking your feet once a day keeps problems away.

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