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Sports Injuries: Pain from the Game

Athletes tend to be passionate people: passionate about their sport, about their team, and about taking care of their bodies. You need a healthy body to participate in sports, after all, and your feet serve as the foundation of your healthy body. Unfortunately, the hard pounding, twists, turns, kicks, jumps, and landings that happen in sports can take a real toll on your lower limbs. Sports injuries are common and can keep you from participating. They can even have long-term consequences if you don’t get the right treatment.

Sports Injuries

Most Common Foot and Ankle Injuries

Sports injuries in the lower limbs can affect any part of your foot or ankle, from the bones and muscles to the connective tissues and nerves. Here are a few of the most common injuries that affect athletes.

Ankle Sprain – Sprains are an overstretching in the ligaments around you ankle, leaving the joint unstable and painful.

Achilles Problems – Your Achilles is a main “mover” for your foot. Overuse can irritate it and make using it painful, while too much stress could actually tear the tissue.

Black Toenails – Repetitively banging your toes against the front of your shoes while running, or even just stubbing a toe in a game, can cause bleeding under the nail that turns the hard keratin black.

Fractures – Sharp, sudden impacts can cause bones to break. These can be complete fractures or stress fractures from repetitive damage over time.

Heel Pain – Strain on any of the tissues attached to the heel can cause a significant amount of discomfort in the back of the foot.

Metatarsalgia – Overuse and damage to the forefoot can cause pain under the ball of the foot that makes pushing off the ground difficult.

Tendonitis – Irritation and stress in the tendons can make using them in any capacity very uncomfortable for you, limiting your ability to run or use your feet.

Turf toe – Hyperextending the big toe backwards can damage all the supporting tissues and leave the digit painful and unable to push off the ground.

There are plenty of other injuries that can arise from sports, too, including bruises, blisters, dislocations, corns, calluses, and pinched nerves.

Taking Proper Care of Sports Injuries

Injuries from playing soccerMany athletes decide to try playing though the pain. Unfortunately, this tends to make even mild issues much worse. Not only are sports injuries painful, but the damage they cause could have chronic or even permanent side effects. To get back into your sports, and to avoid serious problems, it’s important to seek help for your condition as soon as possible. Our team at Absolute Foot Care Specialists will examine your lower limbs carefully to identify your injury and determine what you need to heal it.

Treatments will vary depending on what is injured and how serious it is. In nearly all cases, though, you’ll have to take a little time away from your sport to allow your foot to heal. While you’re resting, you may need to ice or elevate your foot to address swelling or inflammation. Some injuries even need immobilization to allow the tissues to recover. In some cases, you might need medication, shoe changes, or custom orthotics to help your feet. Once the damage is repaired, some conditions need rehabilitation to restore your lower limbs to their full strength and power.

Don’t ignore a sports injury, whether small or big. There’s no need to push through the pain and risk the problem getting worse. Make an appointment with the Absolute Foot Care Specialists offices in Las Vegas to take care of your lower limbs today and to play your best in your sports or other athletic activities. You can use our online contact forms or call (702) 839-2010 to reach us.