When you’re injured, all you want to do is get back in the game. We’re talking about your day-to-day activities, too. It’s frustrating when you can’t do the things you enjoy, much less simple things in your daily routine like walking to the mailbox or standing at the sink to brush your teeth. A foot injury can really be a hindrance. Some people may even try to take short cuts in the recovery process. Coming back from an injury too soon, however, can cause further damage and an even longer stint on the sidelines. That’s why Absolute Foot Care Specialists suggest physical therapy as the best treatment option.

Types of Physical Therapy

physical therapy testimonialPhysical therapy eases pain, promotes healing, and works to restore function. It is individualized to fit your specific needs depending on the type of injury you’ve incurred, and other factors like body type and flexibility. Because every person is different, there are different levels of intensity. Passive therapy focuses on relieving pain by icing, applying heat, or using ultrasound to help promote healing.

Manual therapy, also known as bodywork, is geared toward relaxing your muscles, increasing flexibility, and decreasing pain. This is achieved through massage, which loosens muscles and increases blood flow, thus aiding in the healing process. Mobilization is also used and entails slow concentrated movements that loosen tissues around the injury, helping with flexibility and alignment. Another form of manual therapy is called manipulation. This involves applying pressure to a joint with a careful and controlled force.

Active therapy incorporates exercises to stretch, strengthen, and condition. A physical therapist will take you through an individualized exercise program developed specifically for you. It is likely that you will then be asked to continue with the program at home to ensure healing and recovery.

Specialized Therapy

Physical Therapy can manage your pain

Sometimes patients have special circumstances that don’t necessarily have to do with an injury. Arthritis, for example, is an ongoing condition that doesn’t involve healing, but physical therapists can help you maintain a level of comfort through a specialized exercise routine. Those with diabetes often have foot issues that can be helped by a focused program. Oncology, or cancer care, often incorporates this plan as well.

Arm Yourself with Knowledge

Training and education is also a part of therapy. As a patient, you will not only learn an exercise regimen to follow. Additionally, you will be taught how to safely perform daily tasks, protect yourself from future injuries, and correct improper habits and movements. If you need to use crutches or a wheelchair, we’ll show you how. By the time your sessions are over, you will be armed with knowledge that will help keep you healthy and active, and your feet will reap the benefits.

Recovery from a foot injury takes patience and perseverance. Physical therapy can help you reach your goal of pain-free, active days. By adhering to your individualized program, you will be off the sidelines, back in the game, and back to your typical day. If you feel that this could benefit you, contact Dr. Noah Levine for more information. Call (702) 839- 2010, visit us online, or stop by Absolute Foot Care Specialists in Las Vegas, NV. Your feet will thank you for it!