End Bunion Pain Now!

Getting up for work can be difficult. Many people feel tired and sluggish when the alarm signals the start of the day. If the pain of a bunion is added to the equation, pushing snooze several times may prolong the inevitable pain of putting on your shoes! This painful bump that develops near the bottom of the big toe can cause constant discomfort and affect every minute of your day. End bunion pain now with the expert team at Absolute Foot Care Specialists.

Bunion Pain What happened to my foot?

Many people take pride in the appearance of their feet, and a conspicuous bump does not go unnoticed. While some bunions present no pain, this condition should never be ignored. Early intervention can slow the progression and save the foot from chronic pain.

More women than men are diagnosed with this foot deformity, so it’s not surprising that shoe choices do make an impact. However, it is the structure and mechanics of the foot that ultimately lead to this problem. Some foot traits are inherited, so you may know others in your family who have suffered in this way and sometimes children or teens can experience bunions as well. Injuries and congenital foot conditions can also be factors.

Over time and without intervention, the misalignment of the bones can affect the other toes and lead to a severe deformity that limits mobility. Take the advice of our podiatric team seriously to avoid life changing complications.

Help! A Painful Bump and Shoes that Hurt

These symptoms are attention grabbing, but they aren’t the only signs that you’re experiencing a problem. Changes in the coloring near the area are another way that the body signals for attention. Watch for redness to appear accompanied by swelling. The joint may be stiff and hurt making it difficult to move the big toe. Because bunions affects the distribution of weight across the feet, areas of thickened skin may appear. Calluses and corns form at pressure points and provide clues regarding the effects of this deformity on the gait pattern.

Treat? Yes! Prevent? That’s Even Better!

Bunion examination

Treatment for bunions is determined by the severity and the symptoms that are being experienced. This condition will not go away or correct itself, so make an appointment at the first sign of a problem. An x-ray will show the extent of the deformity, and provide the necessary information for the development of a care plan.

Prevention begins with good shoe gear selection. Your shoes should fit the shape of your feet. Avoid high-heels and pointed toes which put excess pressure on the ball-of-the-feet and toes.

Drs. Levine believes that conservative measures are the best place to begin treatment. Changes in shoe gear will be recommended with a focus on a wide and high toe box to accommodate the protruding bone. Next, custom orthotics will be prescribed. Made the old-fashioned way, these devices are hand crafted to fit your feet.  he goal is to balance the stress placed on the feet and relieve pressure. Home exercises may also be recommended to aid in slowing the progression of this condition. While surgery is always the last resort, there are times when this deformity has become so debilitating that it must be addressed invasively.

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