The podiatrists at Absolute Foot Care Specialists understand the needs of our Las Vegas, Nevada neighbors. Diabetes is on the rise. However, this disease that can damage the feet and lead to life-threatening conditions, is often ignored. Our office specializes in diabetic foot care with an emphasis on consistent care and patient education.

Diabetes: Where You Live Matters

Receiving a diagnosis of diabetes can be a blow. Changes in eating habits and activity patterns are just two of the ways that this news impacts a person’s daily life. Where you live also plays a role in the effects of this disease on the feet.

The hot, dry climate of Las Vegas, Nevada draws retirees each year, but it is also one of the leading causes of problematic diabetes-related foot conditions. The oil glands in the diabetic foot do not function well, and adding the harsh, desert conditions only compounds the issue of dry, cracked feet. These openings in the skin provide increased opportunity for bacterial, fungal, and viral infections that may go undetected due to neuropathy. Proper hydration is key to keeping your feet healthy. Our podiatrists recommend drinking plenty of water, wearing appropriate footwear (not sandals), and moisturizing to battle the effects of the heat.

Consistent Care from Podiatric Experts

Self-exams of the feet are a critical part of maintaining foot health. Look for changes, and understand that color and temperature are indicators of their health. Warm, red areas signal infection. Loss of color and cold can be signs of extremely poor blood circulation. Don’t ignore these signs and others such as a foot ulcer or ingrown toenail. Call one of our three locations immediately for expert care.

Prevention is always an easier road than treatment, and looking at your feet each day is a huge step in the right direction. Proper treatment of the diabetic foot should also include regular exams by a foot specialist. Dr. Levine recommends quarterly check-ups. You’ll receive peace of mind knowing that your feet are being closely monitored by trained professionals who can spot a problem such as a callus in its earliest stages.

Take Steps Toward Healthy Feet

Diabetes may seem like a long road, but you’re not alone. Take one step at a time, and focus on the future. You depend on your feet daily, and keeping them healthy is a top priority. Lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise will help to maintain healthy blood glucose levels, and that’s good news for your foot health.

Don’t delay treatment due to concerns over missed hours at work. Our office staff values your time, and we look forward to serving you in a prompt manner. A variety of treatments for diabetic foot care are available. Whether you require custom orthotics or wound care, our team of foot specialists will design a treatment plan for your unique needs.  Award-winning care and three convenient Las Vegas locations make treatment effective and efficient. Dr. Levine looks forward to serving you! Call or schedule an appointment online today.