July temperatures in Las Vegas average 104 degrees. Whether you’re working or playing, overheating is a common problem. One way to fight the high temperatures is by staying hydrated. For diabetics, this becomes even more critical, because dehydration affects blood glucose levels. The feet take a direct hit when diabetes is unstable.

Drinking enough fluids each day addresses the concern of dehydration from the inside, but it can also be influenced from the outside. Moisturizing your feet properly is just one way to keep the skin from drying to the point of cracking. Due to reduced blood flow and increased risk of infection, even tiny openings in the skin of the feet can open the way for infection.

We all know that the Las Vegas heat dries the skin quickly, and the feet are no exception. Proper shoe gear is one of the best ways to provide protection from the elements. For instance, sandals expose the feet completely. Trade them in for a pair of shoes that cover your feet and have the support that you need to be pain-free.

Diabetes is a serious illness that necessitates special foot care. At Absolute Foot Care Specialists, we understand the importance of patient education and regularly scheduled check-ups. If you are feeling thirsty, achy, or experiencing a headache, lack of fluids may be the cause. Carry a refillable water bottle with you, so that you always have a drink. Monitor your feet with daily self-exams, and when you moisturize avoid the areas between the toes. These simple tips can keep you and your feet in great shape.

If you suffer from diabetes and live in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, contact Dr. Levine at one of our three, convenient locations to learn more about proper diabetic foot care. Get the award-winning care that you deserve. Call or schedule online today!

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