Pain of any sort is irritating at the very least. When that discomfort occurs in your toes, the annoyance rating quickly climbs the scale to misery. Often labeled a tumor of the nerve, a neuroma is not cancerous, or even a true tumor. However, it is more than a nuisance and should be treated to avoid long-term nerve damage.

Look at your toes and imagine that at the bottom there is an intersection where the nerves go their own way. Sometimes there is trouble in this area--pinching and swelling occur, which forms neuromas.

My Feet Hurt, but How do I know if I have a Neuroma?

neuroma testimonialPain and swelling are usually felt at the source. In this case, that means between the toes. The ball-of-the-foot is also typically symptomatic. Along with pain, you might notice a tingly feeling or the loss of feeling. Pain in the area of the toes during movement is a common complaint. Others relate it to stepping on a rock that is in your footwear—ouch!

Dr. Levine will examine your foot after listening to your medical history. Since other conditions have similar symptoms, imaging may be ordered to eliminate other ailments and injuries such as a stress fracture. However, in most cases, the neuroma can be felt during a regular exam and treatment can begin immediately.

Why did I Develop this Nerve Growth Between my Toes?

Unfortunately, the cause is not known. However, there are many considerations that influence the development of neuromas. For instance, an injury to the area can cause a nerve to be compressed and then to swell. Many of our Las Vegas, Nevada neighbors stand on their feet all day, which is another contributing factor. Long hours of pressure lead to pain from the toes on up the body. A Morton’s Neuroma is denoted by discomfort between the third and fourth toes.

Another consideration is the type of footwear that you choose. Dressing for style alone will often leave your feet in pain. High-heeled shoes and others that squeeze the toes also squeeze the nerves. If you know your arch type, you should purchase shoes that help improve the biomechanics of your feet. People who have either a low arch or a high arch often suffer with neuromas due to unstable joints. Custom orthotics may be helpful, and ours are fashioned by hand to the exact specifications of your feet. You won’t believe how much better you will feel!

What Can be Done to Address this Pain Between my Toes?

Detecting a neuroma in its early stages will shorten the healing process. Early on, a simple change of shoes is often enough to relieve pain and allow the inflamed nerve to heal on its own. However, if that doesn’t work pads may help. Over-the-counter medications may be recommended for pain relief, but it’s important to discuss this with our staff. Cortisone injections are another method of dealing with the pain. Conservative methods are always our first approach to your foot care. Surgery is available in cases where the pain is too severe and other options have failed.

Foot pain is a problem. A decrease in the quality of life, missed time with family, and the loss of wages due to work absences are just a few of the ways that your everyday life is affected. With three Las Vegas, Nevada locations and an on-time, every time attitude, the professionals of Absolute Foot Care Specialists look forward to getting you back into your normal routine.