Las Vegas draws people of all ages, and retirees often choose this city as their home after their working years have ended. Retirement offers the opportunity to enjoy life in a new way, and foot pain isn’t a part of that equation. The staff of Absolute Foot Care Specialists is dedicated to exceptional care for your feet. It’s your turn to play hard, and we’re here to help you stay active and pain-free.

dr. heller patient testimonialThe feet age along with the rest of the body, and there are common concerns that begin to develop over time. Even people who have never had foot or ankle problems may experience them in the later years of life. Poor circulationneuropathyosteoporosis, and issues of biomechanics are just some of the foot conditions addressed in our office.

Why is poor circulation a factor in foot health?

The location of the feet place them at an increased risk for circulatory problems. The heart pumps blood throughout the body, but it has to travel the farthest to reach the lower extremities. Nutrients needed for the healing process are carried in the blood, and decreased flow results in slower recovery times, an increased risk of infection, and cold feet. Due to this, many seniors face common foot conditions such as fungal toenails and athlete’s foot. Poor blood flow can be the result of a condition such as peripheral arterial disease where plaque build-up occurs over time reducing the amount of blood that reaches the feet.

I have neuropathy. How can I protect my feet?

Diabetics face many special foot care concerns including neuropathy, which leads to loss of sensation. As a person ages, daily self-exams of the feet become more difficult and cuts, blisters, and injuries that aren’t felt may go unchecked. Once an infection begins, it is difficult to treat. Dr. Levine recommends quarterly foot exams, because prevention is key to keeping your feet in good condition.

Osteoperosis: Will I fracture my foot?

Women over the age of 55 are most prone to the effects of this type of arthritis that weakens the bones. However, it can affect men as well. The feet are particularly prone to stress fractures if this condition is present due to the weight that they bear on a daily basis. Exercise and calcium supplements are just two ways to address this common concern.

My feet have changed as I’ve aged. Is that normal?

Senior Foot Care

From an increased shoe size to less padding, you will likely notice that your feet have changed. This is completely normal, and there are steps that you can take to minimize their effects. Have your feet measured to ensure that you are not wearing the wrong size of shoe. When shopping for footwear, look for cushion and support. Heel pain often occurs as the fat pad diminishes over time. Custom orthotics may be prescribed to counteract age-related changes in the mechanics of the feet.

Take Care of Your Feet—Every day!

Senior foot care isn’t a quarterly or annual event—it’s a daily routine. Proper foot care at home will help keep you active during your retirement years. Don’t miss out on all that you have planned due to foot and ankle pain. If you suspect a problem, Absolute Foot Care Specialists offers conservative care aimed at ending your foot pain now. Call today to schedule an appointment at one of our three convenient Las Vegas, Nevada locations. Your feet will thank you!  Online scheduling is also available.

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