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Every day, thousands of people across the country suffer from a common, painful problem that can limit mobility and restrict activities: heel pain. Heel pain can be more complicated than some people realize. It can have many potential causes and tends to worsen, as well as become harder to treat, the longer it persists.

First Things First: What Is Heel Pain?

Heel pain is exactly what it sounds like: pain in the back of your foot, under or around your heel bone. It isn’t a single problem, however; it’s a general term that describes a group of conditions that cause pain in the back of your foot. Each individual condition causes a slightly different problem and needs targeted care. One thing they all tend to have in common, however, is that they do not get better on their own. In fact, most will get worse the longer they are left untreated.

Help Is Here at the Southern Nevada Heel Pain Center

Far too many people live with heel pain and assume there’s little, if anything at all, that can be done about it. They continue to suffer from pain that makes simple tasks like standing and walking difficult. That is why heel pain expert Dr. Noah Levine of Absolute Foot Care Specialists has established the Southern Nevada Heel Pain Center. Based in Las Vegas, anyone can come to receive expert care and the highest-quality treatment to both manage and eliminate heel pain issues.

Our experienced specialists will use a variety of diagnostic tests and techniques to identify the exact source of your heel pain troubles, whether it’s one condition or a combination of several. From there we work with you through a targeted treatment plan that’s tailored to fit your needs and your lifestyle. Our goal is to get you back on your feet without pain so you can return to your busy life in comfort.

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Common Causes of Heel Pain

When you struggle with heel pain, it can be helpful to know the most common culprits, like plantar fasciitis or tarsal tunnel syndrome, and how they affect your feet. Here are a few potential sources of your pain:

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- Stan R., Henderson, NV

  • Plantar fasciitis – Stress and overstretching in the ligament that runs from your toes to your heel bone can lead to painful inflammation, thickening, and degeneration of the connective tissue. The area under your heel hurts and usually feels the worst in the morning.
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome – This is an issue with a pinched or compressed nerve. The nerves in your heel then misfire painfully, leading to tingling, burning, and numbness in the back of your foot.
  • Achilles tendinitis – Overuse of your Achilles can cause painful swelling and degeneration. Over time, this makes pushing off the ground to walk increasingly uncomfortable behind the heel.
  • Bursitis – This involves inflammation in a protective tissue between the heel bone and your Achilles tendon. Too much pressure there can inflame this tissue and lead to swelling and pain.
  • Haglund’s deformity – Pressure on the back of your foot, usually from shoes, can aggravate and enlarge a bony bump there. This can make wearing shoes uncomfortable and increase your risk for other heel issues.
  • Stress fractures – Repetitive impacts on the heel can crack the bone tissue over time. These thin cracks are painful in their own right, but also increase your risk for a complete tear.
  • Nerve damage – Nerve damage from neuropathy or other issues can lead to painful burning, tingling, and shooting sensations in the back of the foot.

Other common culprits can include heel spurs, deep bruises, heel fissures, and Sever’s disease, which affects children.

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Exceptional Care and Treatment Options

Heel pain treatment is most effective when it is targeted specifically for the condition or conditions that affect you. Potential treatments can vary widely and may be paired together for greater effectiveness. This can range from simple treatments, like shoe changes, basic stretches, and other physical therapy, to more involved methods:

  • Orthotics – These special prescription insoles are designed to help accommodate foot pressure and correct biomechanical problems that contributed to your pain.
  • EPAT – Extracorporeal pulse activation technology, or EPAT, is a noninvasive procedure that uses pulses of energy to stimulate natural healing in your heels to take care of chronic discomfort.
  • CECT – New Combined Electrochemical Therapy, or CECT, is a multi-faceted approach to chronic nerve pain, relieving your discomfort and decreasing the swelling and inflammation in your tissues to help them heal.

Just because heel pain is a common problem doesn’t mean you should learn to live with it. In fact, our experts at Absolute Foot Care Specialists insist that you don’t! That is why we have established the Southern Nevada Heel Pain Center, to address the common, debilitating problem that interrupts so many people’s lives and interferes with work, home life, and hobbies. You can get help for your heels. Contact our Las Vegas offices today for more information or to request a consultation with our experts as soon as possible. You can use our online forms or call (702) 839-2010 to reach us. We look forward to helping you walk through your life with pain-free heels!