A foot self-exam is an important part of your daily foot care, particularly if you have any kind of nerve damage in your feet. For some people, it can mean the difference between walking and a foot ulcer. The key is to look for particular symptoms. Look closely at your skin and nails on the tops, sides, and bottoms of your feet. Some people may need help seeing their soles. Check for skin or nail discoloration, bumps, roughness, cuts, cracks, bruises, or any other unusual changes. Separate your toes to look between them for the same problems. Use your hands to feel your skin for corns, calluses, and patches that may be warm or cool to the touch. If you have an open sore or blister, you may need professional care to prevent it from becoming an ulcer. Foot self-exams can’t be valued enough. They are a critical step in your foot help, particularly if you have a condition that affects the nerves in your lower limbs. If you do notice any changes in your lower limbs during a self-exam, contact our team at Absolute Foot care Specialists right away for an appointment. You can use the website or call (702) 839-2010.