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Tips for Relieving Foot Pain While Standing

Everyone knows what happens the day after Thanksgiving—Black Friday. If you work anywhere hosting a sale, you spend hours on your feet helping people. Even if you shop the sales, you can spend hours waiting in lines. Either way, you’re spending an extended period of time on your feet, and this can take a real toll on them. Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with foot pain while standing, particularly at work.

Standing for an extended period of time wears down your feet and has repercussions up into the legs and back. The constant pressure strains and stretches out the tissues in your feet, making you more prone to issues like plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, flatfoot pain, metatarsalgia, and others. Support and cushioning are the best ways to alleviate this pressure.

The best and most important way to alleviate foot pain, particularly on the job, is to wear the right shoes. Choose footwear with cushioned soles and appropriate arch support. Avoid models with high heels or completely flat soles, since these provide very little support and can actually contribute to the foot strain. Even supportive shoes may need a little extra protection, though, which is how orthotics benefit your feet.

Orthotics are inserts you put in your shoes to add cushioning and support. You can get some over the counter, but these prefabricated insoles aren’t always sufficient. Good, custom orthotics for work may be a better choice. These are molded and crafted to fit your feet and meet your unique needs. They help your feet absorb shock and pressure better. They can also correct biomechanical conditions.

There are other easy ways to help take the soreness out of standing at work. Standing on gel mats can help soften the surface you’re working on. Stretch your feet regularly, especially when you’re on the job, to prevent your muscles and connective tissues from getting stiff. Take periodic breaks to put your feet up for a little while. At home, ice your feet to combat swelling and inflammation, then massage your soles. As much as possible, keep your feet propped up when sitting, too.

You don’t have to suffer with foot pain while standing all day. Let Absolute Foot Care Specialists in Las Vegas help instead. Contact us about orthotics or other remedies for your working feet. Call (702) 839- 2010 or use the website to reach us.

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