The dictionary defines your “lifestyle” as the habits, attitudes, tastes, economic level, and so forth that make up the way in which you live your life. You can have an outdoor lifestyle, a frequent-traveler lifestyle, an “alternative” lifestyle, or any other way of living you can imagine. Basically, the way you live shapes who you are and the choices that you make in every area. As you might expect, it also has a massive effect on your health, for good or for bad. The good news is that you can change your lifestyle to improve problems—including foot conditions like Raynaud’s disease.

Raynaud’s disease is a problem with blood vessels spasms suddenly restricting blood flow to your extremities. There are a few underlying causes for this, but typically it’s triggered when your feet are exposed to extreme cold or you’re struggling with emotional stress. It creates an icy, numb feeling that can be quite uncomfortable. Between the discomfort and the risk of long-term issues from circulation trouble, Raynaud’s is something you’ll need to manage carefully.

This is where some simple lifestyle changes can make a significant difference for you. Here are five basic changes you can make that should help prevent the side effects of blood vessel spasms:

  • Keep Your Body Warm – Dress warmly when you’re in cold places, whether that’s skiing in the mountains or working in a giant food freezer. Warm socks are particularly valuable.

  • Exercise Regularly – Exercise boosts your circulation overall. Exercise regularly to get your heart pumping blood to your feet.

  • Relax – Since stress is a trigger, recognize what adds stress in your life and work to reduce it. Peaceful activities like yoga may be beneficial.

  • Limit Caffeine and Alcohol – Caffeine and alcohol both affect your blood vessel functions, which could potentially trigger a Raynaud’s attack, so limit how much you consume of either.

  • Quit Smoking – The stiffening effects in your blood vessels from smoking can make your circulation issues much worse. If you smoke, work on quitting.

You may still need traditional medications to help control the condition, especially if you have other diseases or illnesses that triggered your Raynaud’s. You don’t, however, have to suffer with cold feet all the time. Let us at Absolute Foot Care Specialists help you improve your lower limb health and keep your feet warm. Make an appointment at one of our Las Vegas locations through our website, or call (702) 839-2010.

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