Skate parks have their own culture. They are a place to meet with other people who enjoy trying new things and daring new tricks, much like your own child or teen. Las Vegas has a number of great skate facilities that provide a relatively safe place for young people to skate and practice—though, of course, they can’t protect your teen against a broken ankle. Fractures are a risk that come with skateboarding and other “extreme” hobbies and sports, but they don’t have to mean an end to days at the park. A full broken ankle recovery can get your teen back to their favorite activities.

Skateboards lined up

Ankle fractures happen when the joint gets twisted or subjected to extreme pressure. Landing a jump wrong or just plain falling off a skateboard can do it. Once your child has broken their ankle, the key is to get it diagnosed and taken care of as soon as possible. Speedy treatment is important for a speedy (and effective) recovery.

The recovery process begins as soon as the injury is diagnosed and casted. Your son or daughter will have to avoid putting weight on the affected foot as much as possible, which may mean time on crutches. This limited mobility may be frustrating to an active teen, but allowing the bones to heal without aggravating them is absolutely crucial.

Once the bones have healed enough, the cast will be removed—but this isn’t the end to the recovery process. Your child will gradually begin putting more weight on the effected foot to slowly build up its strength and stability. At the same time, your teen will need physical therapy to rebuild muscle strength around the joint and improve balance.

After several weeks of rehabilitation, your son or daughter will be able to condition their lower limbs to handle skating and the skate park again. They will have to take it slow and may need to be extra careful with the newly recovered joint, but in the end, your teen will be able to return to their favorite hobbies.

As a parent, you want your teen to be able to enjoy their favorite sports, but you also want to take care of their feet. When injuries do inevitably happen, get the best care for your child right away. Contact Absolute Foot Care Specialists today for more information or an appointment. You can call (702) 839-2010 or use our website

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