Many people are hesitant to see a doctor for their aching heels, for a variety of reasons. One we hear a lot? People are afraid that a doctor might tell them they need surgery for their heel pain.

We do have some good news to report on that matter: surgery is only very rarely required to treat heel pain effectively. While it’s always a possibility, the majority of cases can be resolved through other, less invasive procedures.

Heel Pain ReliefThat said, one caveat—the longer you wait to seek help, and the worse the pain becomes, the more likely surgery will ultimately be necessary. Far too many people drag their feet about coming to see us, only to find that treatment would have been much faster and easier if they had made their appointment at the first sign of pain.

At our office, we believe in thoroughly pursuing all available, applicable conservative options before suggesting surgical intervention. Depending on the root cause of your heel pain, this may include things like temporary rest, stretching and physical therapy, custom orthotics, modifications to your exercise or training schedule, or even a new pair of shoes. No two people and no two cases of heel pain are exactly alike; we’ll always take the time to study the source of your pain, get to know your personal needs and goals, and develop an approach from there.

While such measures are usually effective, once in a while surgery might remain as your best option if conservative treatments haven’t been able to provide you with the relief you need, even after several months. While this is an outcome nobody wishes for, it’s important to realize that surgery is still an important investment in your future health. A few weeks or months of recovery from an operation is a small price to pay when you consider the upside—a full return to pain-free feet.

At Absolute Foot Care Specialists, our expert team will always put your needs first, and will seek to find alternatives to surgery whenever possible. Book your appointment online, or contact either of our Las Vegas offices at (702) 839-2010. 
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