What you eat matters, and not just for your body weight. Food affects everything: mood, blood vessels, muscle build-up, bone health, and organ function. Good, healthy food has a beneficial effect for all your body structures, while not-so-nutritious fare has, as you might expect, a negative effect on them. Though you might not think of your lower limbs when you consider your eating habits, even your feet feel the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods. The right food for your feet can mean the difference between strong, healthy lower limbs and weak supporters that injure easily.

Certain foods are better than others for boosting circulation and improving bone health—both extremely important factors for your feet. Omega-3 rich foods, veggies, and fruits all lower your risk for inflammation in your joints while benefitting your heart and blood vessels. Items with calcium and vitamin D help keep your bones healthy and strong, so they’re better able to withstand hard impacts. Avoid too many grains—especially refined ones—and too much trans-fat, saturated fat, sugar, and the omega-6 found in many vegetable oils in your meals.

If you’re looking for a way to boost your diet with the good-for-your-feet foods, check out the Fresh52 Farmer & Artisan Market right here in Las Vegas. Every Sunday from 8am to 2pm until mid-May, the market is open in Sansone Park Place. High-quality local produce is sold there every week. Rather than just thinking about eating right for your foot health, stop by and take a step to make it happen—and benefit area growers as well.

If you’re interested in other ways to take care of your feet, or if you’re struggling with foot or ankle pain of any kind, we are here to help. Don’t wait to seek out assistance until you have a problem that keeps you from enjoying your life. Contact Absolute Foot Care Specialists here in Las Vegas for an appointment or more information. Visit our website contact page or call us at (702) 839-2010 to reach us.

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